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Old Crowns Dallas


The difference between dental crowns which last and those which don’t is simple – it all depends upon the skill of the cosmetic dentist who placed them.

Crowns are also known as caps. They’re prosthetic devices, typically made of porcelain, which completely cover a damaged tooth. Placed correctly, crowns last a lifetime, and are a great way to repair chipped, cracked or damaged teeth.

Placed incorrectly, dental crowns can become cracked, chipped or damaged themselves. They can even fall out!

If you have crowns which you aren’t happy with, please come see Dr. davies. With extensive post-graduate training Dr. Davies has the knowledge and resources necessary to repair your dental crowns.

Dr. Davies prefers porcelain crowns. They’re strong, safe and their color and texture closely resembles that of real teeth. Porcelain crowns are just one way Dr. Davies remains committed to biological dentistry, the safest form of dentistry known.

Dr. Jeff Davies is the area’s number-one choice for repairing damaged dental crowns! Contact us today!

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