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Dental Bridges Dallas


A missing tooth can be tremendously embarrassing. Whether from an accident or disease, a missing tooth can negatively affect your speech, your eating habits, the way you interact with others and, basically, your entire life.

Dental bridges can give you your life back, because dental bridges can give you back your smile! A dental bridge is, essentially, a false tooth that is suspended on each side by a crown. The crowns act as a “bridge” for the false tooth, which is also called a “pontic.”

There are various types of dental bridges – which type is best for you can only be determined after a personal consultation with Dr. Davies. The entire procedure takes about three appointments. For bridges to be inserted, first crowns must be fixed on each side of the missing tooth.

Besides the aforementioned social problems, missing teeth also dramatically increase your risk of dental infections and subsequent additional tooth loss. Please call us today for more information on tooth replacement. We look forward to giving you a new, full smile!

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