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Temporomandibular Joint Disorder Questions


What is TMJ?

TMJ, or TMD, stands for temporomandibular Joint Syndrome. It is a bite alignment problem. Some estimates place it as the third-largest health problem in the United States today.

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms vary in severity and frequency, and include headaches, tooth aches, blurred vision, tingling in the extremities, and pain associated with eating and talking.

How is TMJ diagnosed?

TMJ is difficult to properly diagnose. Only a qualified cosmetic dentist has the equipment and expertise necessary. TMJ is typically diagnosed with computer modeling of your bite pattern, information that can only be gathered from a CAT scan, X-ray or K-7 scan.

What are the treatments?

Treatments vary based on the severity of the TMJ. Typical treatments may include the NTI mouth guard, which you wear at night, or muscle stimulation with a device called TENS.

I have severe headaches – do I have TMJ?

It’s impossible to tell without meeting with Dr. Davies for a personal consultation. Severe headaches are a major symptom of TMJ, however.

There are many symptoms to TMJ, which is why it is very hard to accurately diagnose. If you have any, or all, of these symptoms, please contact us today. We will be able to accurately diagnose your condition. If you have TMJ, we will treat it. If you do not, we will help you find additional assistance.

Dr. Davies can relieve you of your headaches and jaw pain! He has helped thousands of patients throughout the area, including surrounding areas. Say goodbye to pain, and hello to a new, TMJ-free life!

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