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Cosmetic Dentistry Questions


I don’t want anybody to know I’ve had my smile done. Will this look natural?

While every case is unique, LVI trains dentists to use techniques that help create the most natural smile possible. A style for your smile will be determined, taking into account your lifestyle, facial proportions, gender, age, complexion, hair and even eye color.

Most often, our patients hear questions like: “Have you changed your hair style?”, or “Have you lost weight?” Their friends know something is different – they just don’t know what.

How quickly will I be able to complete my treatment?

Most aesthetic procedures, from simple bonding to a complete smile makeover, can be completed in as little as one to three visits (but may vary depending on the complexity of each case). Our doctors are trained to work efficiently, keeping you in the office for the shortest time possible.

For example, a smile makeover often involves placing veneers or crowns on the top eight to ten teeth. In the first appointment, you and the doctor will discuss what you want your smile to look like.

In the second appointment, the doctor will carefully prepare your teeth and place temporary veneers. This appointment typically lasts 2-4 hours total.

In the final appointment, your new teeth will be placed, polished and adjusted. Again, the appointment will take around 2-4 hours.

The total time from start to finish? Less than a month, and sooner if necessary. Soon you’ll be smiling with confidence!

How will my temporaries look?

Often, the difference is so dramatic that you’ll feel like your new smile is already complete. However, temporaries are just that – temporary. They are not meant to replace natural teeth. It is important for you to go to your final restoration appointment when scheduled to ensure the procedure goes as smoothly as possible.

How long will my new smile last?

Today’s materials are actually stronger than natural teeth, and are far more resistant to wearing and breakage. With regular checkups and care, your smile should last for many, many years.

What kind of questions should I ask when looking for a cosmetic dentist?

Obviously, training and commitment to continuing education are of paramount importance. Just like medicine, dentistry changes significantly over the years, and your dentist must keep up. LVI trained dentists have experience and training from the prestigious Las Vegas Institute. Ask your LVI dentist how they would design your new smile. What is their protocol, and how will you know if you will like the smile before it becomes final? Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

I’ve always been afraid of the dentist. How can I feel more comfortable?

LVI teaches dentistry techniques that will make your procedure surprisingly comfortable. By working quickly and using advanced technologies, they are able to be very conservative in your treatment, allowing you to heal more quickly.

There are also several options from sedation dentistry to sleep dentistry. LVI dentists are trained to listen to your specific needs in order to allay any fear and make your visit as pleasant as possible. Ask your dentist what they can do to make you feel more comfortable with options like sedation dentistry.

How will a new smile change my life?

It is not uncommon for the patients to cry with joy, hug their dentist, or even kiss them! Patients tell us they are filled with self-confidence, they feel more outgoing, and they simply can’t stop smiling!

Shy patients are often transformed into social butterflies. Professionals tell us of greater career success. Older patients look and feel decades younger. Sounds impossible, but it’s true. Think about how a new or improved smile would change your life.

Will my insurance pay for these procedures?

Unfortunately, most dental insurance has a maximum annual benefit of $1,000 to $2,000 dollars depending on your coverage. Since insurance companies are in business to make money, they allow only the least expensive possible treatment – not necessarily the treatment that is best for your dental health.

Most cosmetic treatment is considered elective and not covered by insurance. Your dentist will do everything possible to maximize your insurance benefit, but be prepared to pay for the treatment with alternate finances. There are many financing options available, so ask your dentist what the best option is for you.

What are my payment options?

Most dentists accept checks, credit cards, or offer a third party financing option. These financing companies allow you to make the payments for your new smile out over time, making the payment fit comfortably into your monthly budget. Ask your dentist how best to accomplish your treatment and financial funding.

What is the end result?

A new, beautiful smile will dramatically affect your life. Aside from the aesthetic benefits, most patients find that a nice smile also increases their confidence and cheerfulness. This, in turn, improves their interactions with friends, co-workers and romantic partners. It’s no secret that most people find a nice smile to be quite attractive.

Additionally, a nice smile has health benefits, too. Missing teeth, for instance, contribute to your risk of gum infection. Improving your smile won’t just increase your social life, it’ll also contribute to your overall dental well-being.

Dr. Davies will be able to assess your needs and create a dazzling smile for life. Contact us today!

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