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Dental Financing


Our philosophy regarding financing dentistry procedures is that everyone – no matter what their financial situation is — deserves a beautiful, healthy smile. With that in mind, we will work with you to make your procedures financially feasible.

We accept cash, checks, VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Outside financing is also available. We work with Care Credit – financing for 12 months is the same as cash.

Our fee schedule is accepted by most insurance companies. It is our goal to give you the best value possible. Quality dental work lasts a lifetime, and our patients find their investment in a new smile is absolutely worthwhile.

A nice smile will increase your confidence and improve your relationships. Investing in quality dental care is an investment in yourself and your future. A great smile is the ultimate accessory that goes with anything, anywhere.

For more information on improving your smile, please contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Davies believes everyone deserves a wonderful smile. He has been providing smile makeovers for over 30 years.

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