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Sensitive Teeth Dallas


We all know that feeling. You bite into something cold, and your teeth practically scream in pain. It happens to everybody from time to time, but if it happens to you frequently, you probably have sensitive teeth.

When teeth become sensitive to cold, the problem isn’t with your teeth themselves – rather, the problem is with your gums. Over time, gums recede, either from improper brushing or due to periodontal disease. When the gums recede too far, nerves become exposed, and when those exposed nerves come into contact with cold foods and beverages, it sends that familiar jolt through your jaw.

A cosmetic dentist, such as Dr. Davies, can put the brakes on those chilly sensations, and it’s a relatively simple procedure. After an examination, Dr. Davies may prescribe special toothpastes and mouthwashes to help you. Strontium chloride is a chemical which can reduce your tooth sensitivity. It is available in special toothpastes which only your dentist can give you. This chemical introduces certain minerals into your mouth, minerals which crystallize and cover the exposed nerves, thus eliminating the sensitivity.

There are additional treatments, too, for more severe cases. “Oxalate” compounds can be rubbed on the root directly, and special brushing techniques will also be taught to you.

It’s time to eat ice cream again! Sensitive teeth aren’t just “something that happens to you” as you grow older. Rather, they are a symptom of exposed nerve endings. If you have persistent, strong reactions to cold foods and beverages, Dr. Davies can help!

Dr. Davies is proud to treat patients throughout the area. If you have sensitive teeth, he has a cure. Please contact Dr. Davies today for an initial consultation.

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