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Gummy Smile Dallas


A beautiful smile is more than just straight, white teeth. A beautiful smile also has a pleasing ratio of “gum to tooth.” If your gums appear disproportionate in size when compared to your teeth, you know all too well how embarrassing it can be to smile.

This condition is usually called a “gummy smile” and involves gums which are very large, visible, uneven or otherwise not aesthetically pleasing. Fortunately, the treatments for a gummy smile are quick and painless.

The most common, and usually best, treatment option available is laser re-contouring. Dr. Davies decreases the gum line with a surgical laser. The process is painless, requires almost no recovery time and takes only one appointment.

Other non-surgical techniques are available, too, including treatments for gum infections. There is no need to feel uncomfortable about the appearance of your gums. We’ll have you beaming with confidence, no matter what your gums look like now.

Dr. Jeff Davies is a dentist, serving patients throughout the area. He is proud to continue the tradition of providing quality dental care to the area. For more information, please contact us to set up an appointment.

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