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Chipped and Worn Teeth Dallas


If you have chips or cracks in your teeth, you know all too well how something so small can have such giant repercussions. Chips or cracks can make you embarrassed to laugh and smile. And when you can’t laugh or smile, you can’t interact with the world as joyfully as you would like.

There are all sorts of reasons why your teeth may be chipped or worn. You may have been in an accident, or have neglected proper dental care for a while. Regardless of the cause, there is good news. Virtually all types of chipped, cracked or worn teeth can be fixed!

The most common solution is the application of porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are thin shells of white ceramic material; they are attached to the front of your natural teeth. In effect, the veneers cover up the chips, cracks and damage.

Porcelain looks and feels just like real teeth. The veneers themselves are very hard to notice, but the difference is amazing! Chips and cracks literally disappear.

The procedure takes approximately three appointments over the course of about a month. The veneers are custom-created just for you, based off of a model of your mouth. They’re attached – permanently – with special dental cement.

As long as your brush and floss properly, your veneers will last a lifetime! If you are in the Dallas area, please contact us today for more information.

Dr. Davies can eliminate any cracks, chips and wear from your teeth!

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