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A great smile sends a message to the world. It tells people you’re happy, confident and easy-going. When you’re embarrassed about what your teeth look like, however, it can be hard to smile. And when you don’t smile, you’re sending a message to the world, too. Only that message is one of insecurity and discomfort.

Some of the most common reasons people are embarrassed about their smile is because their teeth have chips, cracks or gaps. Fortunately, these are some of the easiest problems to fix.

Porcelain veneers are used to fix chips, cracks, gaps and other similar tooth problems. Porcelain is a ceramic material which looks and feels very similar to a real tooth. Veneers are thin shells of porcelain which are permanently affixed to the visible surface of your problem teeth.

The application process is very simple. First, a mold is made of your problem teeth. This mold is used to create your veneers. The veneers are crafted to blend in – both size- and color-wise – alongside the rest of your teeth. They are attached to your problem teeth with special dental cement. The entire process takes about three appointments, usually over the course of about three weeks.

The veneers are permanent, so you treat them just as you would your natural teeth. With proper dental care, they will last a lifetime. Dr. Davies specializes in two types of veneers – Davinci MAC and no-prep Lumineer veneers.

Don’t let chips, cracks or other tooth damage hold you back in life! A new smile will increase your confidence and improve your relationships. Get ready to laugh and smile – because if you have damaged teeth, Dr. Strader is ready to help!

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