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I Want a Movie Star Smile

Here at Dallas Designer Smiles, designing new smiles is one of our favorite things! We just LOVE it when a patient comes in and is ready for their dream smile. We can change color, shape, straightness, and close gaps, creating a smile that helps our patient feel confident and influential. There are many easy and […]

I have a Root Canal, what do I do now?

This is a very common question in our practice. Research has found a link between root-canals and systemic disease. It is impossible for the dentist to totally sterilize the inside of the tooth because the tubuals or channels inside are too small for dental instruments but large enough to contain toxic bacteria. Many of our […]

No Laughing Matter

With all of the new reports of Dental Mercury toxicity on shows like the Dr. Oz Show and The Doctors many people are asking dentists to remove their “silver fillings”. Most dentists have not had special removal training of hazardous material. Even if the patient is breathing laughing gas, mercury exposure is no laughing matter. […]

Sick Care Vs. Health Care

This is an excerpt from KevinMD.com March 1, 2012 written by Stephen C. Schimpff MD: “We [Americans] have a medical (that is, sick) care system—a system that waits until we become ill before it kicks into action—instead of a health care system focused on helping us stay healthy. By many measures we do not rate […]

A Sweet Lesson

Our team has just completed some delicious training on the three fold benefits of Xylitol. Xylitol is not only a sweet all natural sugar substitute like Stevia, but it also helps mouths stay healthy by preventing tooth decay and helping mouths stay moist. Research has shown that Xylitol even helps children avoid earaches and swollen […]

Giving a Reason to Smile

Here at Dallas Designer Smiles, we love to support organizations that give people a reason to SMILE. Among other things, Dallas Designer Smiles supports Special Olympics and specifically Stable Strides Farm, a therapeutic riding team. There were many reasons to smile as the riders competed at the 11th annual Chisholm Challenge, part of the Ft. […]

Are You Wishing for a White Christmas?

In Texas, a “white” Christmas is quite elusive, however, we can help! Why not ZOOM! your smile to a bright and white color? Zoom! is on special now for $397 and that includes whitening trays. Bring your favorite Christmas movie to watch while you relax with your feet up. In less than two hours, you […]

US signs UN Treaty to phase out Mercury

As you know we are a biological and cosmetic dental practice that has been mercury free for over 20 years. In fact, Dr. Strader has spoken before the FDA about the dangers of mercury in dental fillings. Our office was excited to hear that one week ago yesterday, the United States was one of the […]

Treats that Aren’t Spooky to your Teeth

Top 10 Candy Alternatives Small cans of play-doh Noise makers Sugar Free gum Pencils with Halloween erasers Halloween Stickers Temporary Tattos Vampire Teeth Small bottles of bubbles Party favor sunglasses Decks of playing cards We want all of the little Ghosts and Goblins to have healthy smiles. Dr. Strader will be passing out his famous […]

A Smile Changes Everything

Isn’t amazing how someone’s smile can either put you at ease or make you want to run the other direction. Make up artists love changing smiles for movies because they know that can really set the look for the character. We love to create warm welcoming smiles. Our patients find that they are more approachable […]