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From Charles G Brown President of World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry

The ADA comes under fire Dear Friends, The pro-mercury American Dental Association is under fire in the mainstream press – finally! As reported by Mercola.com, leading news publisher McClatchy DC exposed the ADA's unscientific defense of mercury fillings. Specifically, the publisher pointed to how “Over the years, the ADA has: Argued against FDA safety warnings […]

Our Daily Dose

Fluoride is pushed on all people who drink tap water.  There is no regulation of the amount of Fluoride that you recieve.  Please check out this video that explains the importantance of taking control of your own health. Click on the link below OUR DAILY DOSE, a film by Jeremy Seifert

E Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes It seems logical for dentists to be concerned about anything that enters your mouth, but as a biological dentist Dr. Strader is not only concerned about your mouth but your overall body health. This new trend of “vaping” is allowing chemicals to not only enter your mouth, but also your trachea and lungs […]

Dr. Strader talks to Dallas City Council about stopping the addition of Fluoride to the water supply

Recently Dr. Strader was asked to speak to the Dallas City Council about the pro’s and con’s of adding fluoride to the water. We are all hoping they will discontinue adding fluoride to the water supply. The following speech by Dr. Strader reflects the concerns we have with mass medication without dosage control. Mr. City […]

A True Texan

Check out Dr. Strader’s granddaughters “tall” in the saddle. They make riding look easy and they are always quick to help give Dr. Strader pointers when he is riding. Now seeing Dr. Strader standing would be a huge treat!

Welcome Lorena

I love people and I love smiles. It is my goal to help everyone have healthy teeth that look good, feel good and last a lifetime. I am really excited to join Dr. Strader and the Dallas Designer Smiles team who share the same goals. -Lorena

Invisalign Day Scheduled

I want a New Smile

I want a new smile A beautiful smile is one of our favorite things to give people. Your smile can say so much about you. It is an accessory that goes with any outfit, formal or casual. People say the eyes are the window into the soul- but a smile can show your inner-self outward. […]

Congratulations Robyn on your beautiful baby BOY!

Olivia Ray

Congratulations Jenny and Lear on the birth of your beautiful daughter Olivia Ray. Olivia is 7# 4oz of perfection! We are so happy for you and your growing family!