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Laser Dentistry Dallas


Lasers have revolutionized the world of dentistry. The most effective dental laser is the Waterlase brand laser. Using a combination of YSGG laser technology and a spray of water, the Waterlase laser uses a process called “HydroPhotonics” to repair teeth faster and more accurately than ever before.

The Waterlase laser is used for a myriad of different dental procedures. It takes the place of the traditional dental drill, and can be used to reshape gums, teeth and bone. It can help fix a “gummy smile,” eliminate bacteria, repair cavities and more.

The Waterlase laser is cleaner, quieter, more efficient and more accurate than traditional dental drills. When used, most patients feel only a slight cooling sensation. Recovery time is very minimal.

It takes special training to use a Waterlase laser. Only a qualified cosmetic dentist, such as Dr. Davies, is able to offer Waterlase services after training and Fellowship at the Laser Institute.

Dr. Davies is proud to offer Waterlase laser dentistry. It’s just one component of his overall commitment to biological dentistry.

For more information on how laser dentistry can help you, visit our Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure page.

Dr. Davies has over 30 years of experience and provides safe, laser-based dentistry.

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